Metal Records in the New Arrivals Today!

When I moved to NJ in 1986, I was a budding Metalhead, listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Van Halen, AC/DC, etc. Then my friend Chris Bianchino and I discovered the Record Setter on Rte 18 in East Brunswick. Record Setter was a small, independent record store that specialized in Metal, Punk and Hardcore on LP and Cassette. Everything changed. Our tastes got heavier, and our collections grew exponentially.

We’d each buy a couple albums, a few blank tapes and a metal magazine like Kerrang or Metal Edge. The rest of the afternoon would be spent in his parent’s family room where his dad had a double cassette deck. We’d copy each others purchases, read about all the new releases, imports and classic recording we couldn’t live without. By this point, original European copies of Sodom and Venom were already hard to come by, and there was only so much one could afford with a part time salary from a job as a Pepsi vendor at Englishtown Auction. Many of these records were out of reach for me then.

Today….they come in in bunches. I can’t take them all home, it’s a business after all, but it certainly nice to see these, clean them, play some and price them up for our customers. It makes the 14 year old Metalhead in me so very happy.