We sell Vinyl Records and Audio Gear. 99% of our stock is previously owned. We like it better that way. Special attention is paid to quality titles and conditions. Each record is cleaned and graded before being priced and put in the bin.  All the gear that is for sale has been tested before it is allowed to go home with our clients. We stand behind every record and audio piece we sell.

We buy entire collections, large or small and we’re happy to travel to do so. All genres are considered: Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Soundtracks, Reggae, Avant-garde, Weird and Strange, Punk, Metal and more. If you'd like to sell vinyl records that you have, give us a call: 732-447-3149 or visit our Contact page.

We buy Audio Gear. We are always looking for vintage turntables, receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps, speakers, tubes, etc. The kinds with the silver face plates and big old dials, we love ’em. Marantz, McIntosh, AR, Pioneer, Kenwood, Fisher, Scott, Krell, JBL, Technics, Garrard, Thorens, and many more. Fell free to bring your old gear in for cash or trade.

Remember to check in with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We never know what other vintage items and antiques we may find in the wild. We buy vintage lamps, posters, furniture, sports pennants, T-shirts, books, art, house wares, and more. If it’s old, we like it.

As an added service to our customers, Revilla Grooves and Gear offers free cartridge alignment and tone arm adjustment for turntables. Make an appointment, bring in your vintage deck and we’ll make sure it’s providing the best playback possible.

Need a vintage turntable refurbished or repaired? Have an old set of speakers that need some TLC? We offer Record Player and Speaker repair services through our partnership with The Turntable Doctor – Steve Frosten. Call the Dr. 201-376-2776, schedule the repair and drop the item off at the shop. His work is top notch.

If you don’t see a product or service you require above, or have a question you’d like us to answer, visit our contact page and get in touch. We’re always available to answer your questions via email, phone or text.

A little history: Darren Revilla, owner and operator of Revilla Grooves and Gear, has over thirty years experience in the world of vinyl collecting.  He bought his first 2,000 piece collection for sale in 1995, which coincided with the start of his tenure as a DJ.  He hasn’t turned back since.  After a three year stint at the Princeton Record Exchange, Darren started to sell vinyl records online via Ebay.   A brick and mortar store always felt like an unobtainable dream, until it happened.  The shop in Milltown, NJ continues to grow and has a loyal base of customers and friends.