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Unsung Vinyl – Curtis / Live

By revillagrooves / July 5, 2019

Sometimes a record isn’t rare, it isn’t expensive but yet it isn’t terribly common either. It won’t be in every record store’s bins, but it will show up from time to time. These titles often get passed over because the buzz just isn’t there, yet the quality of music contained in the grooves is top…

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Technics 1210

The Lure of Vinyl

By revillagrooves / December 12, 2018

It may seem odd that at at time when there is more access to music than any other in history, that vinyl, an analog format, is thriving. There are 35 million songs available on Spotify at the swipe of a finger. Neilson Music reports that in 2018, there have already been 7.6 million records sold,…

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